2008 - 2009 Full Report


Investigative Reports

Responses are from San Luis Obispo County agencies unless otherwise noted. (i.e. assume "Board of Supervisors" means "San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors")

Reports Responses
Agencies Usually Implement Recommedations
California Men's Colony (no response required)
Cemetery Districts
  • Board of Supervisors
  • Adelaida Cemetery District, Board of Trustees
  • Estrella-Pleasant Valley Cemetery District, Board of Trustees
  • Templeton Cemetery District, Board of Trustees
  • Santa Margarita Cemetery District, Board of Trustees
County Law Enforcement Responds to Increased Gang Activity
County Take-Home Vehicles
Delayed Building and Safety Code Enforcement
District Attorney Responds Favorably (no response required)
Examining Planning Commissioner Conduct
Great Paths But Galling Gaps (bicycle riding)
The Planning Process
In Home Supportive Services
Oceano Community Center
One Is Too Many
Polluters - To Fine Or Not To Fine
Potholes and Priorities
Property Rooms
Psychotic Episodes
Staff Report on the Sale of Oceano Dunes
To Fly Or Not To Fly