2011 - 2012 Final Full Reports


2011 - 2012 Grand Jury Reports


2011-2012 Grand Jury

Investigative Reports

Responses are from San Luis Obispo County agencies unless otherwise noted. (i.e. assume "Board of Supervisors" means "San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors")


Report Responses
Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

Citizen Complaints and Internal Affairs Investigations

California Men's Colony Inspection
  • (No response required)
Responding to the Grand Jury
  • (No response required)
County Jail Inspection Report
Grizzly Youth Academy Commendation Report
  • (No response required)
Property-evidence Room Report
Community Service Districts
County Emergency Readiness
  • (No response required)
Medical Marijuana Report
County School Report
Grand Jury Final Report