Trial Information for Jurors

Juror Selection Source

Your name and address were selected from either the Registrar of Voters or the Department of Motor Vehicle rolls.

Hours of Operation

Courtrooms can be in session from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Due to the nature of the court process, periods of waiting time may be unavoidable. You may wish to bring reading material or something else to occupy your time during such periods.

Trial Duration

Trials vary in length, but generally last three days to two weeks. If you are assigned to a trial, your jury service is for the entire length of the trial. The trial judge will advise you of the estimated trial duration and may excuse you from serving on a particular case if your service would cause an extreme personal hardship.

Parking Arrangements

For many years The Superior Court and the City of San Luis Obispo have provided free juror parking in the “Palm Street Parking Garage”. Free parking is still provided in this garage.

A new parking garage, also on Palm Street, opened February of 2006. This new parking garage is small and will not provide free parking for jurors. Please read the specific parking instructions on the back of your summons.

To Avoid Confusion

Park in the large parking garage at 842 Palm Street. The entrance is on the north side of Palm across from the Palm Theatre.

Do not park in the newer parking garage at 919 Palm Street on the south side of Palm, across the street from City Hall and next to the County Library.

Juror parking

If you park in the new garage your garage ticket will not be validated and you may be asked to go back and move your car.

Parking Validation

We validate parking only at parking structure across from the Palm Theatre.

  • Take the ticket from the dispenser when entering.
  • Bring that ticket for validation on each day of appearance.

If you cannot use the garage, park for free on the street in a two hour or more space.

  • Place your Juror parking card on your dashboard - the summons date and juror badge number must be visible. You do not need to put money in the meter.

Bus Service Information

Within San Luis Obispo city limits, call 541-2877.
Outside city limits, contact Central Coast Area Transit (CCAT).


All jurors will receive $15.00 per day and 17 cents per mile, round trip, beginning the second day and all subsequent days of service. Mileage is automatically tabulated, by computer, according to your home zip code. Please allow 4 weeks to receive your check.

Employer Obligation

Labor Code Section 230 provides that no employer shall discharge, or in any manner discriminate against an employee for taking time off to serve on jury duty, as long as reasonable notice is given to the employer. Many employers have jury duty benefits and will continue your wages while you serve. You should check with your employer about jury duty policy.

Inconvenience to a prospective trial juror or an employer is not a legal reason to be excused from jury service. However, you may request that your service be postponed for this reason.

Proof of Appearance

Proof that you appeared for jury duty is required by some employers and can be furnished upon request at completion of service.

Juror Information

Call 788-7060 for additional information.

Dress Code

Please dress appropriately for the courtroom. Shorts and tank tops are not acceptable attire. The temperature of the jury assembly area and courtrooms can be unpredictable, so jurors are encouraged to dress accordingly.

Students and Teachers

Students and teachers are not exempt from jury service. However, students and teachers may request a postponement of their service for up to 6 months if necessary. Complete the Postponement Request section of the Juror Affidavit. You will receive notification of a new date by mail.

Court Security

There will be times, before entering a courtroom that you may go through airport type security screening. You will walk through a metal detector and your handbags, briefcases, backpacks and containers will be x-rayed. These devices are harmless and present no health hazard.

Knitting needles, scissors, knives or weapons of any type, including but not limited to guns, stun guns, mace or other caustic materials, are not allowed in any court facility.

Cellular phones, laptop computers, cameras, and tape recorders are not to be used while in the courtrooms.

Exemption, Excuse or Postponement

All requests must be in writing, and excuse requests must include a written explanation. You will be contacted ONLY if your request is denied. Your request must be received by the Jury Commissioner's office prior to your summons date.

If you are requesting a postponement you will receive a notification of your new date by mail.